ILC positron source meeting
at Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics
May 10—12, 2006
Novosibirsk, Russia

The objective of the meeting is to help define a clear R&D plan for the positron source of the International Linear Collider over the next few years, with particular emphasis on the positron production target and its support systems. Discussion will be focused on the following topics and related areas

A. Positron target and its support systems
B.Positron capture
C.Instrumentation and diagnostic systems
 In addition there will be a discussion on superconducting undulator technology

The meeting will be held in the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics located in Akademgorodok (near Novosibirsk), prospect Lavrent'eva, 11.

Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics

Meeting schedule

Wednesday, May 10

10:00—13:00Topical review talks from SLAC, KEK, and Daresbury Laboratory
14:30—16:00Topical review talks from BINP
16:00—16:20Coffee break

Thursday, May 11

(Parallel undulator session is scheduled for Thursday also)

9:00—11:00Tour of BINP manufacturing facilities
11:00—13:00Proposals from SLAC, KEK, Daresbury Laboratory, and BINP
14:30—16:00Tour of BINP scientific facilities
16:00—18:00Discussions on proposals from each laboratory

Friday, May 12

9:00Planning of further R&D activities (all day long)


All participants will be accommodated in “Golden Valley” (“Zolotaya Dolina”) hotel located in Akademgorodok in 15 min walk from the Budker INP. Preliminary prices of accommodation are (prices per room per day):

Single room 2200 Russian Rubles (80 USD);
Double room 3600 Russian Rubles (130 USD).


If you need a visa to enter Russia, please send the following information to the meeting secretary Mikhail Blinov.

  1. Your full name (as in the passport)
  2. Citizenship
  3. Date of birth
  4. Country and place (city and/or region) of birth:
  5. Home address
  6. Organization title
  7. Organization address
  8. Position
  9. Expected date of entry
  10. Expected date of departure
  11. At which Russian Consulate will you apply for entry visa? (city, country)
  12. Is a fax copy of Invitation sufficient for your Consulate?
  13. Tentative itinerary, if other from Moscow (transit)-Novosibirsk-Moscow (transit)
  14. Please scan and e-mail us the pages of your passport, which contain your personal data and issue/expiry dates.
Preparation of the official Invitation takes about one month. Postal delivery of the Invitation may cause a further delay, so we recommend you to ask your Russian Consulate whether they accept a fax copy of the Invitation.


Ian Bailey (Daresbury, UK),
Vinod Bharadwaj (SLAC, USA),
Kuriki Masao (KEK, Japan),
Takuya Kamitani (KEK, Japan),
Michael Fitton (RAL, UK),
Luigi Tecchio (INFN, Italy),
Pavel Logatchov (BINP, Russia),
Alexander Skrinsky (BINP, Russia),
Nikolay Mezentsev (BINP, Russia),
Pavel Vobly (BINP, Russia),
Pavel Martyshkin (BINP, Russia),
Roman Lapik (BINP, Russia),
Mikhail Blinov (BINP, Russia),
Fedor Emanov (BINP, Russia),
Alexey Petrenko (BINP, Russia),
Tatiana Rybitskaya (BINP, Russia),
Tatiana Yaskina (BINP, Russia)
Webmaster — Alexey Petrenko